6th Press Release

Welcome to the sixth Press Release of the Erasmus+ Project entitled “The hybrid future of scholar education. The digital skills we need to cope with complexity.” with the acronym DigiComplex and Reference Number 2021-1-ES01-KA220-SCH-000027726 aiming to develop digital solutions and training for preparing teachers to the present and future of hybrid education (Onsite and online).

Project’s Results Progress
Get ready to explore the future of education with DigiComplex!
The DigiComplex e-Platform, is in its final stage, and we’re thrilled to announce that users will soon have the opportunity to delve into the DigiComplex Curriculum and Training Scheme. Available in a range of languages, including English, Danish, German, Portuguese, Greek, Spanish, and Turkish, we’re making learning accessible and diverse for everyone. Unlock the full potential of learning with the DigiComplex platform!
Visit us at https://elearn-digicomplexity.upt.pt/ and dive into a world of innovative education.

Get ready to explore the DigiComplex Educational Game!

The DigiComplex Educational Game is on the verge of completion and will soon be available to a broader audience alongside the platform. This immersive adventure game presents students with challenges centered around cutting-edge topics, including Virtual Reality, Interactive Animations, 3D Modeling, the integration of mobile applications in schools,

the embrace of Game-based Learning, and the utilization of collaborative tools in education. Get ready to embark on a learning journey that’s both engaging and educating!

Next steps:

  • Conducting Pilot Tests: Collaborating with educators to rigorously test the platform and game, ensuring they meet the highest standards of effectiveness and engagement.
  • Organizing Multiplier Events: Creating impactful events to share the story of our project and unveil its innovative results.

Visit our website and Social Media Channels to learn more about the project:

Website: https://digicomplexity.eu/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Digicomplex


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