The hybrid future of scholar education. The digital skills we
need to cope with complexity.


The Importance of DigiComplex project

Nowadays, in order to design new educational orientations and resources to develop innovative environments in education, efforts are being made to provide education in the form of formal, informal or non-formal aiming at disseminating e-life cultures from pre-primary education institutions to tertiary education and to ensure its continuity. In addition, computer-based education practices and internet-based projects have been developed in schools to develop student-centered teaching transfer studies from teachercentered instruction.

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To develop

 cooperation between the community, school, teachers and students through the use of advanced information technology tools.

To support

 learning environments with educational software, electronic references, application software and educational games.

To integrate

 information technology tools into any learning environment.


 access to all sorts of advanced information technology tools throughout the life of each student.

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